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Perfect Little Mushroom
21 September 2015

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Lake Superior Sunrise
6 August 2015

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29 October 2011

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Ice Hippo
28 December 2008

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Bronzed Soldiers
11 December 2008

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Road Races
22 June 2008

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Lord Muddie-Browne
14 August 2007

Recent Comments

Darren on Sweet Little Chickadee
You need to take your camera off automatic settings and learn exposure. Your whites are consistently blown out and ...

Existence Artistique on White breasted nuthatch

Existence Artistique on Black-capped chickadee in a pine tree
oh beau

Dimitrios on Black-capped chickadee in a pine tree
pure magic, bravooooo

Existence Artistique on Drainage Ditch Ducks
c'est superbe

omid on Look to the left
L O V E L Y ! :)

B. Thomas on Cold Goose
Poor thing. I hope it can survive.

L'Angevine on New beginnings...again

B. Thomas on New beginnings...again
Happy New Year! All the best in 2017. I hope things look up for you soon!

L'Angevine on This weather is for the birds

Molly on Big Pink House
Where is this house?

L'Angevine on Breakwall and Winter Waves
oh superbe la partie de cette houle

L'angevine on Duck Butts
oh marrant

LauraS on Duck Butts
How do they do that in unison?

L'Angevine on Autumn Leaves

L'Angevine on Turkey Feather
oh génial

L'Angevine on Fall Colors
bien ces couleurs

L'Angevine on Duck, Duck...

L'Angevine on Animal Skull

L'Angevine on Supermoon Lunar Eclipse
oh intéressante recherche

L'Angevine on Chipmunk on a Tree Trunk

L'Angevine on Hermit Thrush
bien vu

L'Angevine on Beach and Waves

L'Angevine on Pumpkin
intéressante recherche

L'Angevine on Perfect Little Mushroom
bien caché

L'Angevine on Windy Day
bien ces bleus

L'Angevine on Lemon Squash
recherche intéressante

omid on Lemon Squash
Mmmm...! :)

L'Angevine on Accidental Shooting

L'Angevine on Dahlia

L'Angevine on Honeycrisp Apples

L'Angevine on Well, Hello, Beautiful

Dimitrios on Well, Hello, Beautiful

L'Angevine on Bacon and Eggs

L'Angevine on Chipmunk in Bird Feeder

L'Angevine on Blue Jay

L'Angevine on Juvenile Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
superbe la courbe et bec

B. Thomas on Juvenile Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
They are so cute.

L'Angevine on Flat Broke Blues Band

L'Angevine on Happy birthday to my sweet, beautiful Jazmine
oh génial

L'Angevine on American Kestrel

L'Angevine on Cedar Waxwing
bien intéressant

L'Angevine on Happy Anniversary...
bien ces bleus

beach on Happy Anniversary...
They look so young.

L'Angevine on Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Dimitrios on Happy Anniversary...
may they live long and prosper

Phil Morris on Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Wish we had one of these, I guess you need to put sugar in the water for the hummingbirds, superb capture !

L'Angevine on Grey Squirrel
bien perché

♡ Isa on Grey Squirrel
Superbe photo !

L'angevine on Pretty Please...

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