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Great Work of Art

Posted by
Kathe (Marquette, Michigan, United States) on 24 January 2009 in Art & Design.

Quote reads:
Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward Eternity. ~ Daniel Barenboim

This was Hayley's final project for her Drawing and Composition class, using a combination of techniques. The overall colors were created with watercolor pencils (thanks again, S). She received a 100% for her grade. Unfortunately, because of the new graduation requirements, she will not be able to take the Painting class during the second semester. She is failing Geometry, so the school dropped her Painting elective and scheduled her for Geometry Concepts instead.

The drawing started with Hayley tracing two photos she had taken of her boyfriend, Joe, who was not her boyfriend at the time (the photos she used are here and here). Then she added the art supplies and "gallery", as well as the quote. (I helped her figure out what to add and the layout, but she drew everything. I can't draw!) Hayley's art teacher photocopied her drawing onto watercolor paper, and Hayley then colored it in using the watercolor pencils. She went over it with a wet paintbrush, and...ta-da! Grade-A work.

She is giving it to Joe on Valentine's Day. (Do I hear someone go, "Awwww...."?)

beth from United States

awwwwwwww. Nicely done, Hayley! Impressive work.
Now get the geometry under control so you can enjoy a painting class!

25 Jan 2009 2:10am

@beth: Heh heh. I knew you'd "awww", Beth.

Mindy from United States

Double AWWWWW. Now anyone who can draw/see like this can understand geometry. So, buckle down, Hayley. Take a deep breath in, breathe out. Tell yourself you can, and you will do well in geometry. This is the era of "Yes we can."

25 Jan 2009 3:43pm

@Mindy: Yes, she CAN understand geometry. She has just decided she doesn't like it, therefore can't do it.

Marcie from United States

You've got a very talented daughter. Love the 'inscribed' message..and how she's expressed herself. Bravo!!!

25 Jan 2009 4:51pm

@Marcie: Thanks, Marcie. Wish I could say she inherited that talent from me, but I can't draw sh*t! ;^)